Optimising People in Applying Robotics

Together, we will discuss questions like:

• Is the reason why the robot is implemented clear?

• Are changes in the work process clear?

• Which functionalities do people need to master?

• How do your employees feel towards working with a robot?

• Which elements in your organization are crucial for success?

• Is your infrastructure qualified for the technology to operate?

• How should the technology be inbedded in your organisation?

Without a clear vision and target:

no successful integration. 

• Are your goals, strategy and action plan clear?

• What was the 'old' way and what will be the 'new' way of working?

• What do employees need to be capable of?

• What do people need to open their minds?

• Which organizational elements, not immediately related to the robot but crucial for successful implementation, need to be fixed?

In order to integrate robot technology in a positive way we need to:

  • Know how to build bridges, to improve human-robot interaction
  • Realize how the implementation process plays a huge role in success

4 elements are crucial to take in mind. And that is to create among all of your stakeholders: Awareness, Acceptance, Credibility and Sustainability.

With this in the back of our minds, we can develop a program that will translate new and technological matter into a practical and concrete way.

With an enthusiastic, empathetic but no-nonsense approach. And with respect and patience for current knowledge.

Are you on the verge of implementing new technology? Does this way of working appeal to you?  Please contact me!

I will be happy to share my points of view in person and make a first 'body scan'.